We have a large stock of furniture, that is why we offer our warehouse as the lung of yours, so that we can process all the orders that your store receives with direct delivery to the customer at home with the best door-to-door transport agency for products heavy and difficult to move. In an anonymous and sustainable way, we will take care of your entire logistics circuit that allows you to deliver the order to your client's home.

Dropshipping delivery process
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Private process

In a completely private and reserved process in which we make home delivery to all your customers, whether they are online or any other channel, saving all your data safely on fully protected servers. Your client will always think that the delivery is made by you, thus reducing your warehouse stocks, eliminating logistical and administrative work and offering deliveries in 24-48 hours of any of our products to your clients.

Our Dropshipping formula

With the aim of offering comprehensive quality, we present Dropshipping, a formula by which we take care not only of manufacturing, but also of the comprehensive logistics of your product, exclusively focused on optimal delivery to the end customer.

Dropshipping ideate packing