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European Furniture Technology. We want to communicate these principles that govern our policy, because we consider it essential to integrate the Chain of Custody in all the activities that we carry out.

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Establish effective communication channels that allow us to know the needs of customers, anticipate their demands and improve manufacturing processes.
Guarantee an excellent service in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and control, especially in relation to board custody.  
Actively contribute ,
communicating the characteristics of the PEFC board and its contribution to the sustainability of forests.


Establish control mechanisms for raw materials that meet the custody requirements, in order to guarantee delivery. Provide the necessary information to employees to identify the type of each raw material.
Ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
The association of workers (unions), the election of their representatives, collective bargaining is allowed and unity of treatment is guaranteed to all components of the company.  Any forced labor and the hiring of workers under the age of 16 is prohibited.

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Establish long-term and trusting relationships with suppliers, to promote compliance and the development of the chain of custody as an important element within the Corporate Responsibility Policy.
Check that suppliers comply with PEFC standards,
in order to contribute to the chain of custody.
Align suppliers with the company's quality objectives,
checking those raw materials that are certified. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all members of the Organization, from Senior Management to each of its members.


Publicly offer the information related to the company's PEFC Board Custody Policy, so that any interest group that wishes to know about our products can access it.
To be a benchmark company responsible for the environment and the environment in which we operate,
contributing to the promotion of good practices in this area in the sector.

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Meet our team

Marien Leon foldeco ideate

Marién León

Logistics Manager - Ecommerce

In charge of the sales and logistics department with suppliers in the furniture sector, responsible for national and international transport.Control management of different Marketplace.

Ignacio Carrasco ceo founder

Ignacio Carrasco

CEO & Founder

An expert in business and in innovation management, multilingual and with extensive and guaranteed training, Ignacio Carrasco is the founder of several projects in the furniture sector, maintaining respect for the environment and care for human capital and, above all, for the client: “He is the center of our company”.

Imanol Ugarriza manager

Imanol Ugarriza

Warehouse and production manager

Responsible for planning and directing the production lines of our company, supervising the standard and quality of our products.In turn, he is in charge of the entire organization of the warehouse.