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Frequent Asked Questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions that our clients usually ask

I am an individual, can I place an order?

We do not manufacture for individuals, only for other companies. Of course, we will be happy to help you find the best solution for your home, we will recommend the best candidate in each case based on our distributors.

What products can we manufacture?

We are specialists in the manufacture of mass-produced furniture. Our specialty is products with drawers, such as bedside tables, chests of drawers or chests of drawers, but also cabinets, shelves and auxiliary furniture.

What raw materials do we work with?

All our furniture is made of wood, within the wood we can find any design on the market.

What is the minimum order?

Our machines make 1,200 pieces of furniture per hour, therefore we are highly productive and thanks to that we offer the best prices. However, we are not versatile with the minimum order quantity, which is 500 units.

Do you manufacture assembled furniture?

It is clearly our specialty, we have a production process that makes us unique and very competitive.

And kit furniture, do we also manufacture?

On request we can also make kit furniture.

Do you have furniture in stock, to serve in 24 hours?

Yes, we have a large stock of furniture, contact us without obligation and we will be happy to inform you of delivery times.

Can you make custom furniture?

Of course, we manufacture furniture tailored to the needs of the client.

Are all our products manufactured nationally?

Yes, absolutely all the components of our furniture are nationally manufactured, from the board, the fittings to the packing boxes, they are all manufactured in Spain.

Do you guarantee the sustainable origin of your products?

Yes, of course, we are certified with the 2 most prestigious seals FSC and PEFC, which guarantee the sustainable origin of our furniture; Both seals guarantee that for every tree that is cut down to make a board, paper or cardboard, 5 new trees are planted.

And the plastic?

Our furniture does not contain plastic of any kind and the packaging does not contain any plastic component.

Where does the energy for our factory come from?

We have a photovoltaic plant for our self-consumption of more than 7,000 m2; With this plant we obtain 70% of our consumption, the rest comes from external suppliers that guarantee the sustainable origin of their part of electricity.

Can you deliver anywhere in Spain?

Yes, our logistics reach any point in mainland Spain and the islands.

Do we also ship abroad?

Yes, we currently have important clients in Portugal, France, the United Arab Emirates and North Africa.